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About the law firm - prawnik warszawa

The Law Firm in its present shape has been operating since 2006, however it benefits from the long-term work experience of people creating its team and cooperating with it. Miszczyk & Partners Law Firm was founded by Grzegorz Miszczyk - legal advisor with 16 years' experience and long-term Director of the Legal Department of one of the biggest international publishing company in Poland.


Services - prawnik warszawa

Miszczyk & Partners Law Firm provides complex legal services to both entrepreneurs and natural persons regarding a wide range of legal issues affecting the operation of enterprises, among others, commercial law and trade agreements, copyright and intellectual property rights, labour, press, real estate, Internet, advertising and sponsorship law, legal audits of business acitivities, debt collection, compensations and trainings.


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"Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem.
To know the law is not merely to understand the words, but also their force and effect."