Remuneration (Fee)

The Law firm’s remuneration for legal services shall be individually determined with each client on the basis of clear principles, before starting the cooperation.

The law firm applies the following systems of settlement depending on the type of cooperation and clients’ preferences:

The hourly-pay system
The total fee will depend on the number of hours we work on the case. This system is mostly used when it is not possible to predict the scope of work required to resolve the case.

The lamp sum system

The applicable fees/payment are calculated in advance by way of establishing a lump sum of a monthly remuneration. This system is especially convenient in the instances where the approximate scope and duration of the services involved cannot be evaluated.

Remuneration for permanent legal assistance

This is used in contracts for permanent legal assistance with corporate clients, where a monthly fee is agreed.

All court fees and stamp duties as well as additional costs connected with the case (auditor’s opinions, experts’ opinions, expertises, travel expenses etc.) shall be borne by the client.The law firm’s remuneration shall be paid in advance.

„Qui habet commoda, ferre debet onera.
He who takes the benefit must bear the burden.”

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